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IMPORTANT: Old dialup numbers are going down on 2/26/03. If you have not switched to the new numbers per our emails sent out over the past several weeks, please do so immediately. NOTE: This only applies to dialup customers in Pennsylvania, or Lambertville/Stockton, NJ.

Here is a LINK to the new dialup numbers. There is also a search engine there where you can select your area code and type in your exchange (the first 3 digits of your phone number after the area code) and it will advise you which POP should be local from your number. If yours is not listed, and you cannot find it on the map, please call us at (215)489-2850 and we will try to help locate one for you. Please make a note of the number local to you and keep it handy.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DIALIN NUMBERS: Do not make assumptions about where you are local to based on your geography or mailing address. For example, if your phone number has a Doylestown exchange (ie, 215-345, 215-230, 215-489, etc), you are a local call to the Line Lexington POP but NOT the New Hope POP. You may have a Doylestown mailing address, but have a Buckingham (215-794), Carversville (215-297) or New Hope (215-862) telephone exchange, you are local to New Hope but NOT Line Lexington. Use the search engine to help determine which POP you are local to. If you have any doubts, consult your phone book (Verizon usually has this info on pages 30-35) or call your phone company.

Easy instructions for setting up your new dialup connection. Please click on the link for your operating system and print out the instruction page from the list below:

Don't forget to add "" onto the end of your dialup username. If you do not, you will get a password authentication error when you try to connect to the new numbers!

Also Important: If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Outlook Express, if you have them set to automatically connect to the Internet (as opposed to just using the shortcut on your desktop to connect to us), you will want to change them so they either do not automatically connect (preferable), or they connect using the new numbers. (If you don't have problems with those programs trying to automatically connect to the old numbers when you open them, then you're ok). See these instructions for further info on how to do this.

New Anti-spam measures:

Upgraded to spamassassin 2.5 on Friday, Feb 21, 2003. Seems to be catching about 97% of the incoming spam with very few "false positives". With Bayesian learning, this should get only better, or at least keep up with the changing tactics of most spammers.